The Book of Ben Kathryn

Introduction to The Book of Ben Kathryn

The book purports to be a modern revelation to Judah through a Modern Prophet (the first in Modern Times), given in preparation for the turning of the Jews to the true Messiah. The text states it was given to Jachanan ben Kathryn (John Son of Kathryn) first in the year 1995/96, but was not commanded to be written until roughly 2004 when the prophet turned 38. From what I can gather, the Author is a Messianic Jew, born among the Gentiles (in the United States?) but taken at an early age to Israel? Like most true prophets, he did not seek out his calling, and in fact appearenly tried to flee from it (BOBK 1:2,9)

One must read it to make their own judgments, but It seems like the more I read most modern restorationalists texts or prophesies, the more I eventually get the impression that they have been distorted coming through lower heavens and beings on their way to earth. But this book (as with the Book of Mormon, D&C, etc) is one of the few that the more I read it, the more I am convinced it is an undistorted revelation straight from the God of Israel.

It truly is a spectacular revelation, rivaling any of those found in the Old Testament. Its subtle and ubiquitous references and allusions to the Books of Isaiah, Ezekiel and Jeremiah make it seem as though it came from the same author. It is certainly not surprising that the revelation was given in both English and Hebrew.

Much as Joseph Smith was given a period of trial and molding before purportedly being given the ancient plates, so too this revelation was first given in 1995, but commanded not to be written until 2004 or published until 2006 (see chap 1 vs. 1-4). Further still it suggests that it will not gain any wide audience until the very unexpected events prophesied therein (a final 70 year destruction/captivity of the modern nation of Israel) begin to occur and the prophet is commanded to work miracles in the eyes of the nations.

The book suggests it need not be rejected or believed at present, since God will “prove” to the nations of its truth by miraculous events not seen since ancient days. (People raised from the dead, A man without legs to walk, Green fire from heaven, etc.)

One of the most catching aspects of the revelation is its style. Just as early Latter-day Saints were given the smell test to help detect true revelations from false (True Revelations are given in a poetic form difficult for false spirits in the lower heavens to replicate- D&C 67:5–8), so also is the language of the Book of Ben Kathryn unparalleled. Likewise its references and allusions to old testament prophesy are unlike anything I have ever read.

One last very interesting aspect of the revelation is the way in which its prophesy of the restoration of Judah parallels the restoration of the Church/Latter-day Kingdom. (See my synopsis for a run-down of these events.)
-Just as Joseph Smith received his calling about 40 yrs before the partial destruction of the USA (civil war), and Christ began his ministry about 40 yrs before the partial destruction of Israel (siege of Titus), so too is the modern nation of Israel prophesied to be partially destroyed around 40 yrs after John Ben Kathryn’s calling.
-Just as shortly after Joseph’s Smith revelations on the restoration of the New Jerusalem, the Kingdom was taken over and absorbed into the powerful, expanding United States where although treated harshly at first, it is being nourished until the fullness of times when it shall again be restored as an independent nation and kingdom, so too John Ben Kathryn prophesies Israel after the New Revelation is given will be taken over and absorbed into a powerful, expanding Arab Union/Coalition where although treated harshly at first, will be nourished during 70 years of captivity until they are turned to the true Messiah and restored as an independent nation and kingdom.

These, of course, are just my interpretations of the prophesies given by Ben Kathryn, but if you would like to make your own judgements you can read the text yourself. The original version has been posted since about 2006 on here

todo: talk about the Nabion site and its relation to the text…. (likely a friend of his, but intersting views that I would imagine John would find presumptuous?

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  • Louis White

    After sifting through multitudes of prophecy sites I agree that this site is either truly G-d inspired or a masterpiece. I tend to lean toward the former due to the fact that I agree wholeheartedly that the Roman Catholic Church has added to the original gospels in order to push their own agendas, and when you take out what they (and unbelieving Jews) have changed or added, it lines up quite well with the Torah and the uncontested books of the New Testament. I believe that a major reformation is coming to both Judaism and Christianity, and that a lot of belief systems will be shattered for the better. I am praying for Israel and the world. We are in dire need of a spiritual awakening due to poor way we have managed and damaged this world and G-d’s people. My eyes are set for 5777 (2017) when the people Israel have a chance to search their hearts to reevaluate what they believe. May all the glory be given to G-d who loves us in ways that we cannot comprehend. Amen